I feel like I'm living in the Golden Era.

Why I Feel Like I'm Living in the Golden Era

Sometimes, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life I've been given, especially during what I consider to be the best era in the history of the world.

First and foremost, individuals of my generation, much like me, have been spared the hardships of war, the struggle for independence, and the need to traverse long distances on foot. Unlike our parents and grandparents, we haven't faced challenges related to basic necessities.

My journey into the digital realm began when I first encountered the wonders of the internet back in 2019. The introduction of 3G technology opened my eyes to giant corporations like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and more. Prior to this, I had little knowledge of their existence. In my village, we had basic keypad phones and landlines (☎️), which already fascinated me with their ability to connect us to others.

As I delved into the internet world, I realized its boundless potential. I discovered the ability to communicate globally, learn from anywhere, and virtually explore the world without leaving my home. Over the years, my personal and professional growth has been significantly influenced by the internet, and more recently, by the advent of OpenAI's GPTs.

Approximately a year ago, I became aware of the transformative capabilities of GPTs, a technological advancement that has reshaped my understanding of what's possible. While Large Language Models (LLMs) existed before, their mainstream adoption and my exposure to them were relatively recent.

Having avoided the struggles with basic necessities, I completed my education without hindrance. While this might seem ordinary to some, it is a significant achievement considering my background. I come from a small village where e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart still do not deliver orders.

Living in this era, I have witnessed the emergence of various groundbreaking technologies, including:

I am thrilled to be a part of this era, although I acknowledge that not all trends appeal to me. Nevertheless, the marvel of carrying amazing devices in our pockets or bags and effortlessly navigating the world is something I find truly amazing.

It's easy to forget the progress we've made as a society and as individuals. Reflecting on how far we've come in terms of technological advancements, societal growth, and personal evolution is crucial.

Medical advancements have significantly improved the quality of life for many individuals. The development of vaccines, treatments, and surgical procedures has saved countless lives.

While every new technology brings both advantages and disadvantages, it is our responsibility to use them wisely. Personally, I am wary of the negative impact of short-form content on mental health and attention spans. Despite acknowledging the potential downsides, I make a conscious effort to avoid excessive use of short video trends and social media.

I have thoughts on the attention span issue too; however, I'll talk about that some other day.


Admittedly, the long-term effects of certain technologies are still unknown. for instance, AI could have potential societal harm, AR/VR may be addictive and lead to disconnection from the real world, and the development of these technologies might contribute to environmental damage, among other concerns.

But I trust that there are intelligent minds addressing these concerns. Instead of excessive worry, let's appreciate the golden era we are living in, confident that dedicated individuals are diligently working to address any potential downsides.

If you've something to say about this topics or want to descuss anything else, my email is always open for you.

Thanks for spending your time here. Wishing you a fantastic day filled with inspiration and positive vibes!

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